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Buildings suffer from the more serious effects of years of atmospheric pollution.  Brick and stone becomes stained black with carbon, either darkening the appearance of the entire building or creating unsightly and uneven patches on the façade.

As the degree of carbon staining varies greatly between buildings, we always view sites before providing a quotation. A test area is sometimes necessary at no cost.

SOULARD Multi-Service removes the unattractive effects of pollution by using specialized chemicals that dissolve the deposits. The process may need to be repeated two or three times on particularly blackened areas. This process does not damage the brick or solid pointing, as sand-blasting does.  

Cleaning the outside of your building on a regular basis not only has cosmetic benefits; it will actually save you money over time by preventing unnecessary maintenance expenses.  Regular professional cleaning will preserve the exterior surface of your building, and a clean building exterior is far more appealing to your prospective customers and tenants.  The first impression is always the most important! 

We will recommend the most suitable cleaning solution for your building and needs, when standard pressure or steam cleaning is not advisable for your building/cladding.  Our staff is thoroughly trained in numerous cleaning techniques, and abides strictly to all obligatory safety guidelines and regulations. 


Mr.Soulard has been removing graffiti for over 25 years.  This experience is paramount in ensuring that the work is done correctly.  If the incorrect process is used to remove unwanted “art”, you can cause more harm than good to the building’s surface. We will quickly and safely remove graffiti from any surface. SOULARD Multi-Service will use the appropriate solution for any graffiti issues.

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