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There are countless buildings in the National Capital Region that use anodized aluminum, stainless steel and other metals in their façades.  Window flashings, spandrel panels, curtain walls, entrance canopies, signs and the like all become faded, bleached, oxidized, chalky and stained over the years.  This unsightly damage is unreasonable to replace and can not be cleaned with regular methods.

SOULARD Multi-Service uses state-of-the-art products to completely remove the staining and bring the surface luster back to original brightness.  The metal is then coated to protect from corrosion by Ultra Violet light, acid rain, pollution, vehicle exhaust and other damaging factors.  The refurbished exterior is now easily cleaned with regular methods and, in fact, will require less cleaning because the pores of the metal are sealed and smoothed to an impermeable finish that prevents air and moisture from coming in contact with the surface for years to come.

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